Bristol Roundup

Zoppo-Sassu guest at Hartford Fire Department

Mayor Ellen is flanked by Bristol Firefighters Al Rudolewicz on the left on Jim Marks on the right | Photo credit Bristol Fire Department

Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu was the guest of the UPFFA, Hartford FD and Local 773 at Fire Ops held at the Hartford training facility. The BFD thanked the Mayor for her continued interest and support of the Fire Department, as well as all City services.

The Mayor is at the Command Post with Chief Ian Tenney of the Hartford FD. The Chief took time to explain the command operations on the fire ground, and how companies are coordinated from the Command Post. He also explained how crucial it is to have a Chiefs aid in the CP, a luxury Bristol Chiefs do not enjoy | Photo credit Bristol Fire Department
The Mayor asking Firefighters Marks and Rudolewicz about the operations underway | Photo credit Bristol Fire Department
Some of the participants mask up and get ready to enter the live fire evolution | Photo credit Bristol Fire Department
Participants got hands-on experience in hose advancement, fire suppression, and extrication. In this photo one of the participants uses the “Jaws of Life” to remove doors from a car | Photo credit Bristol Fire Department


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