No to drilling off New England’s coast

The Pier at Gulf Beach Connecticut

Earlier this year, President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior announced his intention to open up almost all of the ocean waters in the United States to offshore oil and gas drilling we don’t need.

This brazen attempt to sell out our ocean to the fossil fuel industry makes it clear that this administration isn’t even thinking about protecting its people from the impacts of climate change.

But beyond that, the Secretary of Interior is blatantly jeopardizing the health of New England’s ocean and coastal economies that depend upon healthy, thriving and clean ocean ecosystems – all to benefit a few oil and gas executives.

Years ago, New Englanders fought alongside Conservation Law Foundation against offshore drilling on our coast – and won.

Trump’s Interior department should know that if they try to pick this fight again with New England, they will lose.

The ocean belongs to all of us, not just a few oil and gas executives. It’s time for this administration to step up and protect our coastal and ocean economy and the health of our waters – the risks are just too big to ignore.

Dr. Priscilla Brooks
Vice President and Director, Ocean Conservation
Conservation Law Foundation

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