Larson: Tax bill is cruel

Congressman John B. Larson

Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) released the following statement after the conference report of GOP Tax Plan was released.

The text was completed on a Friday night in order to rush this bill to the floor for votes in both the House and Senate early next week.
“Despite changes to the GOP tax plan, the heart of this bill remains cruel. It is still a bad deal for hard-working families in my home state of Connecticut. It targets states like ours that consistently pay more in federal taxes than it receives in services and asks every day Americans to pay more, in order to give tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations. The Republican plan still overwhelmingly provides permanent benefits for the wealthiest interests while phasing out any benefit that helps middle class families,” said Larson.
“This is a bad bill, born of a bad process. This deeply unpopular bill is being rammed through both chambers, because the GOP needs a political win and to get to the next step of their plan: drastic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Experts all over the country, including Connecticut CPAs and the CT Department of Revenue Services, have been warning Congress of the harm this bill will afflict since the very beginning. The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed that this bill will add trillions to the deficit, triggering automatic cuts to a variety of programs, including a $25 billion cut to Medicare next year. I will continue to oppose and fight this plan.”

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