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Separating Myth From Fact: Old Stone Road Jail in Burlington

Old Stone Rd structure in Burlington. Photo (c) Whigville USA – Sustaining our Agricultural Heritage for Future Generations

According to Ann Mazeau, recently retired history specialist in the Burlington Room at the library, the mysterious building was never a jail.

It also was never a Tory — British supporters — prison during the American Revolution, in fact, it never was a real jail.

The building dates to the 1930’s when Camp Nepaug was home to transients during the depression.

Ann Mazeau said, “I’ve heard the old timer’s stories about throwing rowdy men into the holding cell. This was probably true, but it was never an official jail.”

Additionally, Camp Nepaug was not built by or a part of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as many have heard.

From 1936-1938 it was part of the Works Progress Administration and from 1938 – 1943 was part of the National Youth Administration, and then finally it became part of the state forestry system.

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