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Bristol’s first female mayor inaugurated, calls for civility

Mayoral inauguration swearing-in ceremony

The sounds of cheers and clapping from hundreds filled the auditorium at Bristol Eastern High School Monday night.

It was not a concert or a student performance; rather, the packed auditorium was full of Bristol residents cheering for their first female mayor and other newly-elected officials who were to be inaugurated.

In her inaugural speech, Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said her door at city hall will always be open and jokingly said the lights at Memorial Boulevard theater will always be on too.

Zoppo-Sassu said she would focus on youth participation; and, at one moment became emotional thinking about all the young girls she met and those who helped her during the campaign.

She also mentioned homelessness and the opioid crisis.

The Press wrote, “For those struggling with addiction, and their families, we are here to reduce the stigma and connect them with the resources they need,”

Zoppo-Sassu also asked for civility and for the city to unite. The campaign was very contentious with heated rhetoric.

The Courant wrote, “Zoppo-Sassu promised her administration will work to reduce partisan rancor and divisiveness in the city.”

Her first official order was making councilperson Mary Fortier acting Mayor for three months.

Zoppo-Sassu was sworn in by Dr. Amy Breakstone with her husband holding a family bible.

After the ceremony, the public was invited to meet with all newly elected officials in the cafeteria.


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