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Bristol mother to get new furnace after landlord says no way

Photo (c) WFSB

WFSB reported Porscha Michaud, a Bristol mother of two may finally get a new furnace after being without heat for the past week.

Channel 3 called her landlord and he said “she can move out” and that he “is taking care of the problem.”

After her story aired on Channel 3 on Wednesday, the city of Bristol got involved, forcing the property owner to replace the furnace, reportedly by Friday afternoon.

Channel 3 determined that it looked fairly old. Channel 3 couldn’t find a serial number but looked online. The furnace that she has were marketed between 1946 and 1968.

The Bristol Building Department said they didn’t know about the issue until Michaud’s story aired on Channel 3 on Wednesday.

Channel 3 tried to talk to the property owner on Wednesday over the phone, and tried to talk to him in person on Thursday at his home but nobody answered the door.

Content courtesy from WFSB

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