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Bristol in Color: Let’s go to the Cinemas

Photo (c) Carpenter Companies

Bristol in Color is a series of newer — but still old — color photos submitted by our readers and the Roundup.

The public’s help is needed to piece together an oral history for many color photos. The hope is that by sharing these newer photos, we can create more history about all things Bristol.

Photo (c) Carpenter Companies

It’s easy to say “that” was “there”, but what happened when it was there? What were you doing when it was there? If you would like to submit a color photo for the collection, please contact us!

Who remembers this gem? It was a major step up from Cine 1-2 in downtown Bristol.

What was your favorite movie you watched there?

Photo (c) Carpenter Companies

What caused its ultimate demise?

Did you work there?

Was your first date there?

Share your thoughts and memories by commenting below or on the Bristol Roundup Facebook Page.


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1 comment on “Bristol in Color: Let’s go to the Cinemas

  1. Beth Soulier

    Bristol Cinemas was where my husband and I went on our first date in the fall of 1976. We saw the worst movie ever called Beyond The Grave. We we will be celebrating 37 years married in Feb 2018. Some things last forever.