Fledglings and Family: Hibernation and Migration

Harry C. Barnes Memorial Nature Center

In this child and family inclusive program for the month of November, Jessica Maak, ELCCT Volunteer, will teach about animals here in CT that either hibernate or migrate for the winter.

Maak will discuss what the term ‘true hibernator’ means as well as discuss what the terms hibernation’ and ‘migration’ mean while exploring one of our shorter nature trails here at the Barnes Nature Center.

“As we walk, we will also discuss what types of habitat, animals who hibernate, look for in the forest as potential hibernation spots.”

Jessica Maak came to be a volunteer for ELCCT through her own personal interest in environmental education, sustainability, preservation, and the overall joy it gives her to be involved in outreach programs in general.

Maak has worked for DEEP at Sleeping Giant State Forest, Nature’s Classroom, and The National Audubon Society at Bent of the River, and is currently a preschool teacher.

Harry C. Barnes Memorial Nature Center
175 Shrub Road
Bristol, CT 06010

For more information, please call (860) 583-1234 or visit http://www.elcct.org

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