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If you had to vote for Mayor of Bristol today, who would you vote for?

If the Mayoral election were today, who would get your vote?

Cast your vote right now!

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4 comments on “If you had to vote for Mayor of Bristol today, who would you vote for?

  1. Anonymous

    First, what makes President Trump a despicable creep? He isn’t a politician which is pleasing to those of us don’t play the political game.. He is doing what he said he would do if elected. As for the Mayoral race it’s Mayor Cockayne. We pay a lot in taxes as it is and the towns people want to pay more? Why? Sassu is a Democrat that wants to raise our taxes. Is there ever enough money for the politicians to spend? When the town budget needs to be cut they don’t cut what can be done without, no heaven forbid. They cut such things like school budgets where teachers are laid off and, funds for art and music programs are scaled back if not cut. Somehow the democratic party has become the party that is compassionate and cares for people and the republican party helps out the rich. I don’t think so. The republican party cares about people and has compassion for people too. What’s wrong with working hard, investing your income and becoming wealthy? Somehow over time being rich is equated with being greedy, selfish and, not fair. How is earning a paycheck and saving rather than spending not fair? I don’t get that.

  2. Although I believe her to be a woman of good character, Zoppo-Sassu has a major conflict of interest being married to a Police officer. She will never do anything to control city workers ridiculous benefits and apparently is already in favor of raising taxes. Even though I’m a Democrat, I had been leaning towards Cockayne. However, was the guy really looking at porn and hitting on females while on the clock? Even if it wasn’t when he was Mayor, was he punched in and working as a city employee and looking at porn?? I guess I shouldn’t expect any better with a despicable creep like Trump as our President.

  3. David Carlson

    I am going to have a very difficult time voting for either of them. I prefer Ken Cockayne’s policies but can’t support him based on his conduct in office. I have disagreed with just about every position Ellen Zoppo-Sassu took while a council member and don’t see that changing as Mayor.

  4. Laurie

    The poll shows incorrect spelling of incumbent’s last name.