Burlington & Harwinton superintendent urging parents to call lawmakers to pass state budget — Contacts provided

Lewis Mills high school/Har-Bur middle school and Region 10 school district offices

Alan Beitman Superintendent of Schools for Burlington and Harwinton is urging parents to speak out and contact lawmakers at the state capitol to increase pressure to pass a budget soon.

Beitman sent out an email to parents saying “I wanted to remind you that we have no State budget and this is negatively impacting Region 10’s students, programs, staff, and parents.”

“Please consider calling and or emailing the Governor and legislators and sharing your concerns. We don’t want to make cuts beyond those that have already been taken.”

The school system is planning to cut at least $1.6 million from its annual budget and to lay off at least 18 staff in the coming weeks.

Beitman expressed frustration with the continuing budget impasse and the mixed messages coming from legislators and the governor regarding funds for education.

“Just tell us what the bottom line is. Let us at least deal with it.” said Beitman.

Connecticut has been operating under an executive order since July 1st when the legislature failed to pass a budget. The issue affects school districts across the state. 85 will have state aid funding completely slashed and 54 will experience significantly less funding.

This is the list of legislator’s numbers and e-mails Bietman provided:

Dannel Malloy  800-406-1527

Beth Bye  860-240-8600

John Piscopo  860-240-8700

Henri Martin  800-842-1421

Governor Malloy’s aide Kelly Donnelly  kelly.donnelly@ct.gov

Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz  Joe.Aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov

House Majority Leader Matt Ritter  Matthew.Ritter@cga.ct.gov

House Minority Leader of the House  Themis Klarides  Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov

House Deputy Minority Leader Vin Candelora  Vincent.Candelora@housegop.ct.gov

Senate Pro Tempore  Martin Looney  Looney@senatedems.ct.gov

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff  Bob.Duff@cga.ct.gov

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano  Len.Fasano@cga.ct.gov

Senate Minority Leader Kevin Witkos  Kevin.Witkos@cga.ct.gov


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