Green Lady Continues to Haunt Many

Green Lady Cemetery, Burlington Connecticut | Photo (c) Haunted World
The Seventh Day Baptist — Green Lady — Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Burlington that we all know too well. It dates back to the late 18th century and was used as a burial ground for members of the Church.

The cemetery is best known by the name of Green Lady Cemetery, due to stories and sightings of a green spectral figure known as the Green Lady.

No one is exactly sure who the Green Lady was in life, but many believe she is the ghost of a Seventh Day Baptist named Elisabeth Palmiter.

Legend has it that in April 1800, Elisabeth’s husband, Benjamin, went into town to get some supplies. Suddenly a bad snow storm broke out; Benjamin decided to stay in town and wait for the weather to die down. When he didn’t return right away, Elisabeth went out to try to find him.

After getting lost in the storm, she drowned in one of the nearby swamps.

Regardless of what really happened, many people walking near the cemetery at night have claimed to see a female apparition surrounded in a green mist.

Some people have also claimed to see mysterious lights, looking like a flashlight or lantern carried by an unseen person.

Today, hardly any of the gravestones are left in the cemetery.

Despite the never-ending ritual of teenagers looking for a scare, the cemetery is private property — it’s owned by the New Britain Public Works — and Burlington police and local residents usually patrol the area at night.

Visiting the site during the day for the purpose of historical research is permitted.

Check out these YouTube videos of “historical research” and “teenage research”.

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