Former NBA Star Chris Herren to Discuss Substance Abuse in Burlington

Chris Herren speaks out on his addiction

On October 12th, Lewis Mills students will take part in an assembly about substance abuse.

Former NBA star Chris Herren will share his story about battling drug and alcohol abuse.

Herren will take the audience on his journey from addiction to sobriety.

Additionally, Herren will relate his story to the audience addressing themes of gateway drugs, prescription drug abuse, drinking and driving as well as self-harm. Herren will focus on empowering students to be who they are without using substances.

Herren started Project Purple after being inspired by a group of students in an audience at one of his presentations.

Herren decided to capture the courage of these students who were wearing purple shirts as a symbol of solidarity in a pledge to one another not to use drugs and alcohol. Herren was inspired to begin Project Purple as a way to make a difference in adolescents and to honor the courage it took to stand up to substance abuse.

Learn more about Herren’s Project Purple Program and his upcoming presentations here.

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