Bristol’s Participation in the Battle of Seicheprey

File Photo (c) History Extra
While the small town of Bristol was quiet in the wee hours of April 20, 1918, the most shocking time in its military history was beginning 3,600 miles away in the ruined town of Seicheprey, France.

As Bristol slept, its men who were part of the Yankee Division’s 102nd Infantry were deafened by a massive, unrelenting German bombardment.

These green troops were about to make history by participating in the first significant engagement fought by the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I.

What followed was vicious hand to hand fighting with 3,200 attacking German storm troopers in the trenches, in the woods, in the village.

When the fighting ceased, 18 Bristol men from Company D were wounded, almost two dozen were captured, and a total of 8 Bristol men died, all within just 24 hours.

The Memorial Military Museum will share memorable stories of some of those men.

Artifacts from the WWI exhibit in The Jack Denehy Gallery will be passed among the audience.

The Bristol Historical Society is located at 98 Summer Street.

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