2017 Mum Parade Route Changed

Mum Festival Parade 2016

The Mum Festival committee announced the 2017 Mum Festival Parade route will have a few changes this year to accommodate a larger festival and some improvements for spectators and participants.

The parade is one of the State’s largest parades, featuring Bristol and surrounding area businesses, organizations, marching bands and units, and over 40 wonderful floats.

The parade has been produced by the Greater Bristol Exchange Club for over 50 years.

“Based on the feedback from last year’s parade and to address some logistical concerns to improve the parade flow and for safer pedestrian crossing, the Parade Committee has decided to modify the 2017 Parade Route” said Jack Ferraro, Mum Festival Chairman.

“We have gone back to the route that was originally adopted in 2015 because it presents less obstacles for larger floats, marching bands and vehicles, and actually shortens the parade route just a bit. We wanted to make sure the public is informed of this change so that they can plan accordingly.”

The Parade formerly traveled to the end of West Street and turned left onto South Street and then left onto Mellen Street, but will now turn left onto East St. and come back down the Boulevard –Westbound Lane.

“On behalf of the all-volunteer Mum Festival Committee, we are so excited to continue the tradition of the Mum Festival parade,” added Ferraro.

“The parade is a fine example of what we mean when we say, “Home is Where the Heart Is” and we are looking forward to presenting another crowd pleaser this year.”

The 2017 official parade route is as follows:

Left on West Street- Starts on Race Street
Left on School Street
Right on Church Street
Left on South Street
Left on East Street
Left on Memorial Boulevard (West Bound Lane)
Right on Main Street
Left on Rt. 72 Extension
Right on North Main Street
Ends just past City Hall.

The parade is on Sunday, September 24th at 1:30pm.

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