Campaign Supporters in Bristol Put Political Signs in Restricted Spots — Nothing New

Political yard sign in front of the former BCO on South Street

The life of a political sign is much like that of a politician. One day you’re up, the next day you’re down.

Many voters express their support for a political candidate by placing yard signs in their yard.

In addition, many campaigns and supporters want to place signs along roadways to increase their candidate’s name recognition among voters, but it’s important to follow election sign rules or signs can become more of a liability than a benefit to a campaign.

For example, The State DOT prohibit signs on state highways — Rt. 6, Rt. 229, Rt. 69 and of course the infamous Rt. 72.

However, political signs for decades have popped up on multiple State properties including high profile commercial ones as well.

One example of a political yard sign popping up — which will be many — is a sign from Andrew Howe, candidate for 2nd District Council.

A campaign sign was placed in front of the former BCO — now called HRA on South Street.

When asked about the sign, Howe said: “I had a lot of volunteers yesterday, and I’m proud of their work.”

Howe also said ” I had seven stolen as of yesterday. I also have permission for all sign locations.”

Campain Manager D. Anthony Tagariello for Andrew Howe. said “All of our campaign signs have been put up where we have received permission and those that were put up in places that did not get clearance were rectified immediately. If anyone has one of our signs that they did not want they can reach out to Andrew or me and we will happily have it removed.”

At the moment, Bristol does not have any political sign size or duration restrictions.

What is strictly enforced by the State law prohibits electioneering inside a polling place and within 75 feet of the door to the building where the election is held.

A sign is placed at each polling place marking the edge of the 75 foot zone. No one coming to vote or otherwise coming within this zone is allowed to exhibit campaign buttons, stickers, political signs, clothing, or literature.

Election officials have the legal power to enforce this rule and to summon the police, if necessary.

Quick Note: The political yard sign by Andrew Howe, candidate for 2nd District Council was only used as an example for the pending yard sign discretions — there will be much more to come as the November election nears.

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