Shrub Road Horse Farm Leaves Bristol

Former Oakendale Farm LLC in Bristol on Shrub Road

Horses have been a part of Alison McCallum’s life since she was a young girl. When she was eight her first pony was purchased from Leslie Desmond, famous author, and horsemanship coach.

In 2003, Alison started Oakendale Farm LLC in Bristol on Shrub Road, where she helps students and horses of all ages and levels create successful partnerships.

Since then, Oakendale Farm recently moved from Bristol to Harwinton.

New Harwinton location

“We were on Shrub Road for 13 years and will miss Bristol, we are happily settling into our new farm.” said McCallum.

“We still have a lot of work to do but are fully moved and getting back into our regular routine.”

McCallum’s teaching philosophy is that all her students at any level feel comfortable and successful in their riding as well as have a clear understanding of the building blocks that are necessary to succeed.

The former Shrub Road Farm is currently vacant with mother nature taking over.

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