Man Craps in Front of Bristol Police Department

Todd Therrien

With over 60,000 people in Bristol, there is an abundance of news to report.

This one however takes the cake.

The Press reports “Todd Therrien, 33, allegedly left the fecal matter there because he was upset about his previous dealings with officers.”

Therrien was charged third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree breach of peace.

Poop involved incidents with Police are actually somewhat common.

A Florida man urinated and defecated in the back of a cop car after telling deputies he’d been speeding to get home to the bathroom.

Police in Plainfield say a 27-year-old man defecated in his pants so that officers would not place him under arrest.

Poop can also be a weapon. At least it was for a man who threw it at police officers.

All jokes aside, if you ask Americans how they feel about their local police, people say they have more respect for them than they have in almost half a century.

It is important to recognize that while police officers are law enforcement, they are also normal people. Individuals should respect and empathize with an officer on the basis that every person deserves respect.

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