State of the City discusses Mayor’s recent accusations, MBS & how to improve Bristol’s reputation

State of the City with Mike Anthony

Make sure you watch this week’s “State of the City” with Mike Anthony on Bristol Beat Radio. Mike’s guests were, City Council candidate for the Second District, Peter Kelly and City Councilor for the Second District, Dave Preleski.

The show covered multiple topics from the State budget crisis to the latest accusations against Mayor Cockayne.

For myself, the topic of Bristol’s negative image has always been a concern of mine.

I asked Peter and David via the Beat’s Facebook Page, why so many residents think Bristol has a bad image.

We have some of the best schools, parks, people, sports teams, and pizza, yes pizza yet people continue to put Bristol down. 

I also asked if the All Heart marketing campaign is working and what they would do to improve Bristol’s reputation?

Dave Preleski provided an appreciable response to my questions and even called them great  — thanks Dave!

Peter Kelly took a political approach saying it all starts from the top.

You can watch their responses 53 minutes into the show. After that, make sure you watch the entire show. It’s another great one.

Is the All Heart marketing campaign working? If so, why? If not why?

What would you do to improve Bristol’s image?

Share your thought on our Facebook Page or below in the comment section.

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