Property Hit List: Bristol Tackles Blight

61 East Main Street Forestville CT. Photo (c) CoStar

Every Month the Bristol Code Enforcement Committee meets to discuss what properties need help or demolition if needed.

Chairman Guy Morin not only tackles blighted properties but also brings the committee up to-date on efforts to combat blight in the City.

According to the June 5, 2017 Code Enforcement Committee meeting, it was recommended 6 properties receive a tax assessment freeze. The properties include 1047 Burlington Avenue, 254 Divinity Street, 14 Henry Street, 54 Locust Street, 3 Talmadge Street (a.k.a. 133 Divinity Street); and 573 Wolcott Road.

The Committee also discussed 200 Greene Street. The property is a bank owned property and the exterior of the property is in poor condition.

Additionally, a condemnation order had not been lifted at 143 Divinity Street. The owner has been in contact with the Building Department with an electrical permit issued June 29th. The owner is working on other items but progress is slow. A group inspection will be set-up once the owner is in compliance.

Other properties include:

61 East Main Street: The owner was given a list of items to be corrected. The owner is correcting the items but is moving along at a slow pace. Another group inspection will be set-up in the immediate future.

81 Seymour Street: A detached garage located on the property is collapsing and is unsafe. A condemnation warning was sent for the removal of the garage and also to scrape and prepare the house to be repainted on all exposed areas. Additionally, the second-floor apartment has no electricity. Both the owner and tenant are uncooperative.

32-34 Burlington Avenue has issued a code enforcement abatement order. It was issued for several safety issues. A contractor is making progress of repairing the safety issues.

311 Birch Street: It was brought to the committee’s attention that there was a recent fire on the property. Robert Grimaldi, Fire Marshal stated that the dwelling was not in eminent danger and a
company was on-site boarding and securing the dwelling.

403 West Street: The committee is attempting to contact the owner of the property and the maintenance company by mail and telephone but has been unsuccessful for months.

The Code Enforcement Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at City Hall, in the first floor meeting room at 9:00 am. The public is encouraged to attend.

To register a complaint regarding the condition of a property or what may be a zoning violation, you can call 860- 584-6215.

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