Foolish: Bristol seeks bids for a new City Hall

Potential new leased City Hall at 10 Main Street.

The City of Bristol is seeking proposals for a new City Hall.


This is the most ridiculous, pointless and a waste of time idea to bid out at the moment.

“The City will consider proposals that are suitable for appropriate relocation of its municipal administrative space, including but not limited to purchase of an existing facility, operating or capital lease of an existing facility, or construction of a new facility, which may be leased or purchased.”



Once again, like clockwork, Bristol is displaying poor planning that comes from the top.


Bristol Hospital is planning to revitalize downtown with a new medical building on Main Street. The building will bring hundreds to downtown. Also, Memorial Boulevard School is on the verge of a renaissance with a new 750 seat theater.

By the way, MBS was considered as a possible new City hall as well.

The current administration needs to take a breath and relax.


The idea of moving City Hall has been a topic for decades. To send this out to bid before the former mall site has a chance to produce fruit is foolish.

Instead of talking and talking and talking about so many ideas, Bristol needs to focus — focus on what is already in the works.

Give the former mall site a chance to get revitalized before you make any grand ideas that might impact its outcome.

Take a chill pill and see what happens.

Slow your roll.

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