Bristol’s Apartment Boom: Too Much – or Not Enough?

New Town Homes being built by By Carrier on Burlington Avenue
If you drive around Bristol, you likely will see the construction of new apartments and homes built on vacant lots.

Many of these lots need special approval from the zoning board.

Many of these lots are former blighted homes torn down by Mayor Ken Cockayne’s fight on blight.

Many of these buildings are jammed into small lots where you can basically handshake your neighbor.

Many of these lots have commercial zoning next to it.

Several individuals and groups raised concerns about apartments on the former mall site. However, the builders all the while maintain a healthy amount of new apartments all over Bristol.

If you’ve spent any time in the last few years searching for an apartment in Bristol, you’ve likely come to the conclusion that current prices are, in a word, unprecedented.

The state of the rental market in Bristol is fueled by new construction and landlords repairing properties that just make the Building Department’s requirements.

Many of these rehabbed properties also receive tax freezes.

As local developers flood Bristol with new apartments in response to what they see as an unending appetite for new residences, the numbers raise a question: Are there too many or not enough?

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