Mayor Calls Bristol Press Article “100% Incorrect”

Ken Cockayne

In a Bristol Press article posted on Sunday 6/11/17, it stated “In the 58-year history of the game, dating back to the first Eastern-Central matchup in 1959 after Bristol High School was split into two, this year’s contest would mark the first game in the annual Thanksgiving rivalry contest not played at Muzzy Field.”

That article prompted Mayor Ken Cockayne to post on Facebook stating “Today’s story in the Press about the Thanksgiving day game being played at Eastern is 100% incorrect. The BOE has not made any decision where the game will be played and as of right now they have the game being played at Muzzy Field. I will continue to push to have this game stay now and in the future at Muzzy Field.”

As reported, the game is currently scheduled to take place at Bristol Eastern. The location however is subject to change.

The Mayor incorrectly called the story “100% incorrect” when it was, in fact, exactly right. At the moment the game is scheduled to take place at Bristol Eastern.

The post received some comments from the public. Richard Gaudio posted “Sounds to me like the BOE, or other parties are playing politics with kids.”

Other comments questioning the Mayor’s post were deleted.

However, after those questioning comments, the Mayor stated “The Athletic Director called me as soon as he saw the story. What I have posted comes directly from him.”

The majority of comments from the public favored the game staying at Historic Muzzy Field.

A few comments blamed the Bristol Board of Education for the decision.

BOE Commissioner Tina Taylor clarified that it is an operational decision not an elected BOE decision. “No politics here!” stated Taylor. 


One thought on “Mayor Calls Bristol Press Article “100% Incorrect”

  1. Mike, CIAC has the game listed as being played at Muzzy…..Mayor says it is a BOE decision that hasn’t been made yet but Tina Taylor took exception to my remarks on the post and said it wasn’t a BOE decision…..the politicians don’t have the left hand going in the same direction as the left hand, they need to clean their house and speak as one, then the public would know what to believe

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