New York Times Uses Photo of Rockwell Park Brawl For Story About Digital Bystanders

Bristol CT. viral fight at Rockwell Park. Photo (c) New York Times

On April 17th a large fight broke out at Rockwell Park that quickly went viral on social media.

The story went so viral that The New York Times picked-up the Bristol brawl and used it as its featured image in a story about What the Kitty Genovese Killing Can Teach Today’s Digital Bystanders.

The article is about half a dozen boys and young men lured a 15-year-old girl to a house in Chicago and sexually assaulted her there, brutally and repeatedly.

The Times reported “What made this episode singularly appalling was the attackers’ streaming their crime on Facebook Live. From a count posted with the video, investigators deduced that about 40 people watched in real time. Yet not one of the viewers bothered to summon the authorities.”

It appears the Times used the Bristol fight at Rockwell Park as an example. Multiple people recorded the fight but did nothing to stop it.

Bristol Police Department was able to obtain four arrest warrants, issue three juvenile summons and issue one infraction.

The investigation found the fight occurred because of a dispute between Jonmeshia White and Benoit Danielle’s two juvenile daughters.

White had accused the juveniles of harassing her mother, who was also in the park.

Benoit had gone to the park after learning her daughters were involved in a dispute with White.

While at the park a physical altercation began between White, Benoit and Benoit’s two daughters.

Jonmeshia White, age 27 of 217 Park Street, Bristol was charged with Breach of Peace 2nd Degree.

Danielle Benoit age 42 of 166 Greene Street, Bristol was charged with Risk of Injury to A Minor and Breach of Peace 2nd Degree.

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