Facebook Stalk Aaron Hernandez

While Aaron Hernandez is locked up during his murder trail, his Facebook page continues.

People on a daily basis are posting on it. Even on his last status update “what y’all got for memorial day weekend?” posted on May 24th, 2013 has received over 1,800 comments. Some are in support and some are downright nasty.

His Facebook page has given us a unique glimpse into the life of Aaron Hernandez, or what he wanted people to think.

With a morbid fascination, people continue to flock to his page to catch a glimpse of what was the public life of Aaron Hernandez.

Everyone quietly Facebook stalks people and you can do just that with Aaron Hernandez and his Facebook page.

You can also check out his Twitter page.

A search on Goggle displays multiple pages and sites about Hernandez as well.


2 comments on “Facebook Stalk Aaron Hernandez

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