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Bristol artist can make the perfect Valentine’s gift

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BRISTOL — Peter Mikulak sees the world as a pop art kaleidoscope. A random passerby can catch his eye and be transformed into a cover girl or a comic book style villain.

Mikulak describes his art as spontaneous, provocative, and culturally inspired. His life story is a rollercoaster of success and poverty, moves from coast to coast. It was in Palm Springs, California where his career took shape. To make some fast cash, Peter did paintings for tourists– underneath a statue of Marilyn Monroe.

“She’s an icon and that’s where it all started,” he said.

Marilyn is Peter’s favorite star, but to make ends meet now, he glams up every-day people in quick-turn portraits.

His process starts with something impromptu from his subject, like a selfie.

In step two, Peter makes some digital improvements– cropping, using filters and effects.

In step three, the image is printed.

Then drawing inspiration from graffiti, and from Andy Warhol—that quick pic gets the pop treatment.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, Peter expects to be painting a lot of couples.

“We’re not getting any younger and people like to look at themselves when they were younger. This is something you’ll have forever and cherish in your later years.” Mikulak told us

Poet Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, “Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face.” Mikulak can help you with that.

For more information on custom multi-media photo portraits by Peter Mikulak, call 860-560-1100 or email

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