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Bristol Public Works Storm Clean-up Update

The Bristol Public Works offered the following message regarding their cleanup efforts:

Thanks to the Police Department for allowing our crews to get some rest last night; they were able to head home around 10:30 last night. All the roads were treated and we were able to leave the last bit of snow on the roads last night. Traction is good but the roads are messy with slushy snow. Crews are out now making the schools and other City facilities ready for their openings. We will spend the remainder of today slushing off roadways and treating as needed.

We will be coming in @ 3 a.m. Wednesday – Friday to address snow issues. We also plan to work on Saturday. We will be generally following our excess snow removal plan with some minor adjustments. We will be leaving the snow in the center of North Main Street and on the lower section of Main Street until after the storm anticipated for Thursday evening. After we address the downtown business area we will also work to improve conditions in the Forestville business area. Right now we need to put our efforts into improving sight lines at intersections and opening areas around troublesome bus stops.

Beginning tomorrow morning we will have trucks working with loaders clearing intersections beginning with the intersections along the State roadways. the 3 a.m. start will allow us to address these areas before traffic builds and them move into lower traffic volume areas during rush hour. After the state roadway intersections we will work on the intersections of the City’s Minor Arterial and Collector roadways. We will then move into the Local Streets and Cul-de-Sacs.

We will also be working the Chippens Hill and South Mountain rural areas with our large snow blower to address drifting snows. Once we complete the work on the major intersections we will use the two blowers we fit on our articulated loaders to widen streets blowing the snow back onto lawns taking care to minimize the impact on driveways and sidewalks. As we can we will also be getting back into the City facilities to remove snow in parking lots, etc.

1 comment on “Bristol Public Works Storm Clean-up Update

  1. william t sortz

    Good job by Public Works, and the PD under difficult conditions. Thanks

    This kind of update, or a variation of it is what the city should do on a regular basis, and for others that the public should be kept aware of.