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3 storms in 3 weeks for Bristol

Originally posted on WTNH:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (MEDIA GENERAL) — Three strikes and you’re out? Third time’s the charm? There isn’t a cliché out there that will make New Englanders feel any better after the third storm in three weeks wallops the region.

Unusual pattern

Pete Mangione, meteorologist at WPRI in Providence, R.I. says while it’s not unusual to deal with tough winter weather conditions, this situation is unique.

“What is unusual is to get hit by storms of this magnitude three weeks in a row,” said Mangione. “We have already surpassed the amount of snow we normally get in an entire winter, and it looks like more is on the way this week.”

Cause is complex

So, what is causing this wicked winter pattern? Mangione says normally systems that come in from Canada bring very cold and dry air, and they tend to move through the area quickly. But, this year, the storms are strengthening at they approach New England’s coast. One reason could be the contrast between the arctic air and the milder ocean temperatures.

“That is likely just one of many complex reasons why we are getting hit with more storms,” Mangione said.

Some good news

This storm is not as strong as the previous two, Mangione said. The snowfall rates are not as high. However, the storm is taking place over a longer time period. That means it’s easier to keep up with for plows and people shoveling their driveways.

The worst of it

Boston and areas just south of Boston will see the worst of this storm. According to Mangione, they will be measuring snow in feet and they are running out of places to put it.

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