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Stortz: Depot Square: We have waited long enough

Now that the Depot square developer has received another extension (how many does that make?), maybe we will get some questions answered, some information as to what is happening.

I know that I, and others, have asked many questions, verbally and in writing: response has not been forthcoming. And when meetings do not allow public participation, how will we get our questions and concern answered?

It has been suggested by me, and others, that the cities have a “Plan B”. But a BDDC member told me that the city couldn’t do that. It would ‘break’ the contract. Didn’t the developer’s failure to meet earlier deadlines break the contract?

Couldn’t we have rewritten a contract that provided for an extension(s) to also allow for our development of a “Plan B”, so that we would be better prepared for any contingency?

Who will build the garage, who will own it, who will maintain it? Hopefully we will not be building it, with the inherent ongoing expenses and loss of tax revenue. Has that been decided, or even discussed? Be nice for that to be made public so that it can be discussed in public.

Will the city provide any funding: Loan, Grant, or any other form? Will the city be protected if the developer obtains outside funding and then defaults? Where would that leave us and the agreement?

I would hope that these issues would have been discussed and resolved. But in any case, we should be given an update on these and others on a regular basis.

The whole process should have been, should be more transparent. There are many more questions outstanding: hopefully answers will be provided to the taxpaying public: we have waited long enough.

Lastly, it appears that the Mayor will have the opportunity to make two new appointments in the very near future.

Who is selected will certainly be indicative of the direction this administration wants to take.

We all want a better Bristol; we all want to move forward. It would be nice to be told what is in store for us.

William T. Stortz


860 589-4476

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