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Public Works: Greasy pizza boxes are a no-no in recycle bins

Bristol Public Works took to Facebook to offer a “Super Bowl recycle reminder”. A Super Bowl recycle reminder? Yep!

Public Works stated “Greasy pizza boxes are not recyclable (they contaminate the load). Clean pizza boxes are ok. Grocery store plastic bags are always a no-no; they jam up the sorting machines. Please return those to the store for recycling.”

In all seriousness recycling is top on my list.

The city also stated there will be no curbside collections, including trash and pizza boxes on Monday 2/2/15 due to the winter storm.

Collections will be one day later in the week, with Friday routes being done on Saturday 2/7/15.

The Transfer Station was also closed on Monday.

In case you were planning on going to city hall tonight, don’t! (I know you were not planning on it anyways).

The following meetings scheduled for Monday were cancelled as well.

Board of Fire Commissioners
Library Board
Bristol Parking Authority
MBS Task Force

Also, per order of Governor Malloy all taxes can be paid tomorrow.

It is unclear if the Bristol emergency operations center was operational!

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