Coachie DeCarolis strikes a cord on Facebook

Do you want your Facebook posts to go viral? Of course you do.

Who wouldn’t want to!

Recently Coachie DeCarolis asked a Bristol Facebook group one question: “If you could bring one place back after it went out of business what place would you like to see return?”

That question gathered over 1,000 comments and counting.

Jason Noon, the groups administrator even noted that the post was the most commented on in the groups history.

Noticing this, I had to ask Coachie what he thought about it.

Here is a short Q&A:

What made you ask the question Coachie?

I figure with everything that has come on gone I figured I ask something like that.

What do you miss the most?

There is a few, the one thing I would like to see come back is the mall. I think if they ever get one if the money was there. I think the business would come back.

What would you tell people about Bristol and staying positive?

We know the city of Bristol has had it’s share of ups and downs. But, The city always grows, In this town on holidays there are places and shows to see and local school sports going on.

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1 comment on “Coachie DeCarolis strikes a cord on Facebook

  1. Coachie is such a wonderful person his excitement and love for Bristol is very contagious. I was one of the one’s who posted on his FB question! It brought back a lot of memories that cherished as a kid!