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What happened to all the hand held shopping baskets at Walmart?

The Bristol Walmart Neighborhood Market apparently has quit carrying hand held shopping baskets.

When asked, they claimed, “Sorry they’ve all been stolen”…

It’s the first thing I look for when I walk in the store and it just sets the tone for the frustrating shopping experience to follow.
Would anyone have a guess as to why they don’t want customers using them anymore?

In all seriousness, the Bristol Police Department responded to The Walmart Neighborhood Market on a report of a robbery last week.

A lone suspect entered the store, approached a clerk and demanded money.The suspect displayed a handgun. The suspect left the store with an undetermined amount of money.
Thankfully no injuries were reported.

The suspect was described as a white male, about 50 years old, six feet tall, with grey hair, grey beard and blue eyes. He was wearing a knee length black trench coat.

Ok, back to the hand held shopping baskets….

I don’t want to sound like some paranoid conspiracy type but Walmart being Walmart, everything they do is planned and studied about the shopping experience, and you know this has to be a decision from the corporate office.

But when you only need a few things, AND the baskets have been part of shopping there since the beginning… it seems odd to me they would decide it’s time everyone shop with a cart.

3 comments on “What happened to all the hand held shopping baskets at Walmart?

  1. I actually worked there since the store opened and we had a lot of the thoughs shopping baskets. But even in the 7 months i worked there they really did disappear. Before i left i think we only had a few left on hand and we kept like 1 or 2 in the back room.. I kinda gave up on people after that bc why would you even want a green shopping basket to take home?

  2. A Walmart Neighborhood Market Employee

    I found your article to be very funny. Thank you for the comic relief. Didnt mention that we ordered a total of over 300 of those baskets, all of which were stolen. Why bother ordering them again when a few dishonest people keep taking them. Im sorry for the hardship it causes you to not have a basket and we will probably order more and see how long those last.

  3. trayvon luvs purple dank

    I’m surprised they gave a description of the suspect ….oh wait he’s white ! of course they would .