Bristol Roundup

Bristol Roundup: New & Noteworthy

Bristol has over 60,000 people, so of course trying to see what the media and people post online can be daunting. However, I will try my best to round it up now and then! Here is what caught my attention and just…just might be new & noteworthy ….

The online petition against the embattled Housing Authority is still circulating all over the world regardless of the mayor’s response.

It seems Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch plan to start ANOTHER website for Bristol. Thought it was strange they used an old Bristol Rising Photo! I think it was intentional!
Ellen Zoppo-Sassu likes wine.

Central CT Now? No Comment! Don’t fall while swiveling in the chair!

Taste of Bristol is back!

Kevin McCauley photo bombed by plant.


D’Amato “Our Vision For Downtown Bristol” still has THIS online.


Ok, that’s it for now!











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