Bristol unveils revised logo

Bristol has unveiled a revised version of its primary marketing logo with a new custom typeface, some color changes and an image of a gear.

The original “All Heart” logo is what North Star, a Tennessee based marketing firm and the Mayor’s Task Force on marketing presented last year.

The new logo has already appeared on Bristol’s website along with various official Facebook pages.

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2 comments on “Bristol unveils revised logo

  1. A logo and positioning statement (“All Heart”) mean nothing without a brand strategy behind them and a promise to those who view it. Having read the marketing strategy document, there seems to be no foundation from which the logo and line emerge and can be realistically instituted. The Bristol logo with the gear embedded conflicts with the heart notion — is Bristol industrial or all heart? The bottom logo with the distorted “heart in the ‘B'” graphic is awkward and forced; it should go back to the Red Sox. Time to start over by asking Bristol’s newly appointed brand manager to do some real research. Full implementation of a branding campaign, in the case of Bristol, would take 3-5 years and require a marketing communications budget of about $250,000 annually — anything less, Bristol’s leadership should just take any modest funds in the war chest
    and throw a party for the city.

  2. runner

    Don’t like it.