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Throwback Thursday: Do You Remember Mammoth Mart?


Do You Remember Mammoth Mart?

Mammoth Mart was a discount department store with five Connecticut locations that included Bristol, East Hartford, Guilford, Manchester and North Haven.

The chain was founded by Max Coffman in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1956.

Marty the elephant was on top of each store along with the Mammoth Mart name.

Mammoth Mart was a favorite place for closeouts, factory seconds, and especially bargains.

Unlike many other discount dept. stores, it had a grimy, dark and informal appearance.

Other discount department store retailers like K-Mart, Zayre, and Bradlees would subsequently expand on this concept with a more formal look and feel.

By 1969 the chain had 35 stores and eventually filed for bankruptcy in August 1977.

The chain  was acquired by now-defunct King’s Department Stores in 1978 and Mammoth Mart was no more.

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2 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Do You Remember Mammoth Mart?

  1. Al Cuccorelli

    I sure do! I worked for Mammoth Mart for 17 years. I worked as a stock boy while in high school in 1963. My history was department manager, asst store manager, store manager, field merchandiser and then district manager for the New England Stores. I have fond memories of Max Coffman, Henry Gornstien, Alan Zaff, Irwin Stone, Stanley Sonnenfeld also a mentor to me was Roger Strout, and my dear friend and Regional Manager, Gerry Poirier. Great company, great people, the company did very well until King’s Department bought the company and started to liquidate within a year. I resigned and went to work for Caldor. Best regards & wishes to all of the Mammoth Mart employees.