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Another Condemned Bristol Property, Residents Scramble To Find New Housing

100_0609BRISTOL – Another property owned by Aaron Cohen is slated to be condemned by Bristol building officials as soon as next week. The condemnation will leave more residents scrambling to find new housing. Cohen was dubbed as a “slumlord” by Mayor Ken Cockayne.

The property on Stearns Street is just across the street from another property owned by Cohen that was condemned last month.

WFSB reports “The building is deemed not safe and the residents said they are furious because the landlord refuses to do a thing about it.”

Mayor Ken Cockayne has said “My administration is willingly to work with any property owner that needs either help or time in cleaning up their property, however; there will be deadlines set and adhered to for a clean up process to be considered.”

Cohen is currently collecting rent on the property and it appears the repairs set forth by the city will not be made.

Talks of criminal charges against Cohen are being considered by city officials.

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