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Downtown Grocer Plagued With More Issues

100_0562BRISTOL – When Pradeep Bokka took over and reopened Bristol’s only downtown grocery store in October of last year he said “We’ll hit the ground running I hope everyone comes down and give us a chance to exceed your expectations with our selection of quality groceries at a great value.”

That hope may not be happening. Currently there is a legal battle brewing between the grocer and the property owner.

Originally Bokka worked with former Marketplace partner and landlord Sunny Mothe to connect with bankers, vendors, and advertisers whom Mothe had an established rapport.

Mothe initially consulted on the daily operations to help the grocer gain its footing. That partnership and his actions are now part of a lawsuit.

Recently the Bristol Press reported that “What started as a feel-good community effort to bring back a market to the downtown has devolved into a nasty court spat between friends and family members.”

“But within six months after the ribbon cutting the market’s owner, Pradeep Bokka, filed a lawsuit against his partner and store manager, Srinivas Mothe. In it, Bokka accuses Mothe and Mothe’s ex-wife, Shalini Mothe, of fraud.”

The store is currently still open.



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2 comments on “Downtown Grocer Plagued With More Issues

  1. That store is very expensive! I used to go there but no more!

  2. Mismanagement and dishonest can sink any business.