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Meet State Senate Candidate Rob Michalik

906309_1438057613146107_6652823657485369107_oDemocratic State Senate candidate Rob Michalik, who is running in the 31st District, announced today that his campaign has reached the fundraising requirements needed to qualify for public financing in compliance with the Citizens’ Election Program.

“We have received hundreds of small donations from throughout the community,” said Michalik. “I am truly thankful for the outpouring of support people have shown. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who contributed. I am excited that this campaign has gotten off to such a positive start.”

Michalik’s announcement comes just 3 weeks after he received the Democratic nomination. “I may have joined this race late, but I am energized by the backing and support I have already received from voters in all five towns of the district – Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth, and Thomaston,” added Michalik.

The Citizens’ Election Program is a voluntary system of public campaign financing that is designed to encourage citizen participation and limit the role of private money in politics.

The program was created under former Republican Governor Jodi Rell, after her predecessor, John Rowland, resigned amid corruption allegations. To participate in the program, candidates must raise small qualifying contributions and agree to adhere to spending limits and disclosure requirements.

In state senate races, candidates must receive at least 300 in-district donations to qualify. To date, Michalik has received more than 400 contributions – far exceeding the necessary threshold.

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