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Strange Bristol: Why is Bristol Rising So Successful?

Quick Note: Strange Bristol  is a semi-regular feature about the “strangely” positive things happening in Bristol.
Bristol Rising's 2012 Chili Cook Off
Bristol Rising’s 2012 Chili Cook Off

After some time away due to illness I find myself 125% ready to roll out issues of Strange Bristol. So….here’s the million dollar question.

Why is Bristol Rising so successful? Simple, it’s the people. Bristol Rising has a huge local, supportive and eager following.

BUT there’s a man behind the scenes that many may not know of. His name is Neil Takemoto. Who is Neil Takemoto you ask? Takemoto is a co-founder of the CSPM Group, a crowdsourced placemaking firm that is managing Renaissance Downtown’s Bristol Rising project. What the heck is crowdsourced placemaking you say? Basically it’s what Bristol Rising is doing.

CSPM is also doing the same for Renaissances other projects. BUT Bristol stands out from the others. Here comes the positive. Takemoto wrote this about Bristol Rising “Believe it or not, they’re just getting started in Bristol. I kid you not. Someone needs to write a book…”

Here’s what I find interesting, Takemoto wrote “For Renaissance, the growth of the crowdsourced placemaking community, known as Bristol Rising since an innocent happy hour of 14 people on November 4, 2010 (2300 members today), has led to a planning and approval process that has been completed in a fraction of the time that a normal process would have taken. Master plans alone can take 2-3 years to complete. In Bristol, the Concept Master Plan, the main plan for the entire downtown, was completed in just nine months, submitted in April 2011 and receiving municipal approval in just six months in October 2011. Dozens of Bristol Rising members showed up to support the plan at its hearing, many in their signature orange Bristol Rising shirts, cheering on the council members to ensure they approved the plan, which they did.”

Now…some may say (anonymous nay-sayers) Bristol was so willing to “fast track” the “process” they didn’t think it through. However, regardless of who, what, when, where and why ultimately the people of Bristol made Takemoto’s project into a massive successful reality. If there’s a groundbreaking or not, his crowdsourced placemaking firm did one very important thing for Bristol. Maybe a first in many decades….It brought Bristol residents together for the sole purpose of bringing downtown Bristol back!
And that is why Neil Takemoto and his real estate business crowdsourced placemaking platform is a positive thing for Bristol.

To read Takemoto’s full description of the project simply click here.

To close enjoy Petula Clark.

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