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Rare 1962 Video of Downtown Bristol

Main & School Street Bristol Connecticut

In 1962 Michele Ksiazkiewicz’s Grandfather grabbed his camera and started recording downtown Bristol.

What an amazing piece of footage this is!

To date, this is the only known footage of downtown so close to redevelopment.

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5 comments on “Rare 1962 Video of Downtown Bristol

  1. Anonymous

    Wish we could get more videos posted of bristol in the early 60’s

  2. wish there were images of the train station … across the street from the Bristol Theater … the marquee is shown at the end of the footage.

  3. In1976 I was born in Bristol… While I don’t remember everything in this video I do recognize a good portion of it. A lot of the buildings have been destroyed and new ones built. It warms my heart to see that some have withstood time.

  4. Great footage, it is hard to believe we could get downtown back with that many businesses.

  5. Now that is a downtown that I’d like to visit!