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New Construction Is Easy To Miss In Bristol

BRISTOL – New construction is easy to miss in Bristol, but it’s happening all over town. From Hobby Lobby to a new Boys and Girls Club, Bristol is on the move. Despite setbacks in downtown, much of Bristol is doing just fine. Rt. 6 has scene tremendous growth in the last few years.

Cipost-free-adties, like brands, have images associated with them. Many cities suffer from negative images, and a myriad of issues can contribute to their poor reputation. These distressed cities often show the attributes of economic disinvestment, high crime rates, population loss, and crumbling infrastructure. Bristol shows none of these.

The topic of Bristol’s image and marketing efforts has been a popular talking point for many.

North Star, an out-of-state marketing firm presented their preliminary findings to Bristol. The information gathered will be used for a final report that will include recommendations to improve Bristol’s image.

Jim Albert, President of the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce said “Like many people outside Bristol, their expectations, based on the local media coverage, were that Bristol was in decay and overrun with drug dealers and gang members. Instead, they found the City has more energy, grass-roots involvement and quality of life amenities than most.

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