Bristol Man’s Legacy Benefits 39 Students

BRISTOL – With the Main Street Community Foundation’s announcement of $11,350 in scholarship awards to 39 local students, the Keating-Monaghan Memorial Scholarship Fund is extending its namesake’s legacy of encouraging faith, family and community service within young people. Mark Monaghan Keating, a Bristol resident fiercely loyal to his community, was a lifelong parishioner of

St. Joseph Church and a proud St. Joseph School alumnus who valued the education he obtained at both the church and the school. So it was natural that when he passed away he left a bequest in his will to establish a scholarship fund at Main Street Community Foundation to provide scholarships to current and new students attending St. Joseph School.

The scholarships are awarded based on financial need of the student’s family and evidence of the student and his or her family’s involvement in church, school and/or community activities.

“The Keating-Monaghan Memorial Scholarship Fund provides parents the education choice they would like to make for their child, but couldn’t afford otherwise,” said Susan Sadecki, President & CEO of Main Street Community Foundation. Mark Keating’s maternal grandparents, the Monaghan’s, emigrated from Scotland to Bristol and began the family tradition of giving back to the Bristol community. Mark’s father, Jim Keating, was active in the Bristol Lions Club and was honored on numerous occasions. Like his parents and grandparents, Mark was devoted to his church and his community. After retiring in 1978 from a career in insurance, he lived simply, attending mass, going to Senior Lunches served by the eighth graders at St. Joseph School and attending alumni events.

“Mark’s choice – to live simply so that others may simply live – was his legacy and the scholarships awarded in his name every year will leave a mark on the students’ lives, and the community, for many years to come,” concluded Sadecki.

Author: The Roundup
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