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Depot Square: And Then There Was One (Maybe)

10322736_10202428408535973_5495477505709643366_nBRISTOL – Plans for the redevelopment of the former mall site is not looking good. A somewhat aggravated Bristol Downtown Development Corp. was told by Renaissance Downtowns this week the grand plan on the former mall site is now down to one residential building set off the street for now.

The residential building would be places beside the railroad tracks and the old retreating wall.  Doing this was would kill any possible desire to turn Norn Main or another Street to its original location to Main St.

Gardner Wright, BDDC commissioner knows there’s a lot of “disappointment and frustration”.

He also said “This is Bristol Connecticut and not Greenwich so the financing is very difficult.”

To follow up on the BDDC meeting, and in lieu of the April BR Meetup, Renaissance Downtowns is planning to hold a large public informational meeting either the week of the 5th or 12th, that will go into detail on the development and what the next steps are in the development process to getting the first shovel in the ground.

It will be a highly transparent meeting where all Bristol Risers and Bristol citizens interested in what’s happening downtown are encouraged to attend. Dinner will be provided and sponsored by Renaissance Downtowns and will likely take place at Nuchie’s. We will follow up with you when details are solidified.


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