Thieves Love Bristol Commuter Parking Lots

10250205_10202375823301375_4755544150107215497_nBRISTOL – Several vehicles in Bristol commuter lots are being vandalized. Individuals are taking catalytic converters from vehicles parked in the state-owned commuter lots. Christina Amore’s car was vandalized this way on Monday, 4/14 in the Todd St lot. “It’s happening during the day when everyone is at work in Hartford, we come back home after a long ride (about 40 minutes) and get into cars thinking we are almost done with our day and about home – after doing the ‘green’ thing and our car sounds like Harley motorcycles.”  Damage can be in the upwards of $1000 or more.

Amore did some research and the vandalists receive about $200 for the stolen catalytic converters. They’re stolen by literally using a saw in less than 5 minutes, targeting vehicles higher off the ground for easier clearnance – all for the precious metals in miniscule amounts for each catalytic converter.

Commuters are angry and feel violated said Amore. So far, three individuals have been vandalized in this manner just in a couple of weeks. Amore and others have asked for more police presence even if it’s a state-owned lot.

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