Renaissance Offers Crucial Update

phase-1BRISTOL – Bristol Rising is asking its Risers, it’s been some time since we’ve been able to share a development update about Depot Square, but we’re excited to announce to you the next steps in the development process. For those wondering, there will be no Bristol Rising Meetup this month and you’ll see why when you read the latest Downtown Development Update from Renaissance.

Currently there are plans to do a large public informational meeting next month about downtown development, plus we’ll likely work to fit in a BR Meetup in May as well. So May is shaping up to be quite a double-dip of action. Stay tuned and we encourage all of you to click the link below to read the latest scoop from Renaissance.
Without further ado, here is what to expect in the coming weeks:

Step 1; Today, April 24:
Renaissance Downtowns is submitting its financial package submission to the Bristol Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC). Now, the BDDC will be able to begin their review process.

Step 2; Weeks of April 28 & May 5:
The BDDC to review package and set a meeting with Renaissance Downtowns to discuss submission and next steps.

Step 3; Week of May 5 & May 12:
To follow up on the BDDC meeting, and in lieu of the April BR Meetup, Renaissance Downtowns is planning to hold a large public informational meeting either the week of the 5th or 12th, that will go into detail on the development and what the next steps are in the development process to getting the first shovel in the ground. It will be a highly transparent meeting where all Bristol Risers and Bristol citizens interested in what’s happening downtown are encouraged to attend. Dinner will be provided and sponsored by Renaissance Downtowns and will likely take place at Nuchie’s. We will follow up with you when details are solidified.

Those are the current next steps in the process. We look forward to sharing a lot more with the public in the coming weeks as the development process heats up.

Other Stuff:
Lastly, we wanted to take a brief second to address the headline title in the Bristol Press over the weekend concerning the possibility that the Renaissance office may move from City Hall as Mayor Cockayne investigates the potential of improving the efficiency of his City departments. We encourage the Mayor to do all he can to help allow for the best functioning City possible. As was the case a few years ago when Renaissance moved from the first to second floor in City Hall to accommodate Army Strong, we will once again be more than willing to work together with the City to locate a new space if deemed in the best interest of the City. One for all, all for one, right?

Go Bristol, and thanks for listening Risers. We’ll be back with more news before long!

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