Bristol Rising: Encourage an Entrepreneur to Start a Hooping / Flow Arts Studio Downtown!

IMG_1807-600x600BRISTOL – Mark Walerysiak Jr in a press release asked”Risers, we’ve had some exciting recent developments and have a big question to ask you.

We were recently approached by Stephanie Walsh, a prospective entrepreneur, about her dream of opening a Hooping Studio downtown.

When she recently sat down and shared her idea with us we were really impressed with how positive hooping and flow arts were in providing a healthy balance in the mind, body, and soul, plus the national attention it was getting in wellness, and were especially touched by her personal transformation.

But even so, we weren’t sure what the support would be for such a studio, so we decided a good way to go about it is to ask you, our community, whether you would like to see Stephanie’s Hooping/Flow Arts Studio come to life downtown?

Here’s where you come in!

Together, Stephanie and Bristol Rising set a goal that if her idea can achieve 100 likes in the next 21 days, which would:

A.) Provide exciting proof that a market exists, and encourage me to pursue permanent space downtown to open my studio, with the help of Bristol Rising…

B.) Bristol Rising would work with me on my business plan to ensure a feasible and successful business model, including allowing me to capture the crowdsourcing power of Bristol Rising at meetups, through surveys, and help develop a market for my business, so that there’s tons of people at my grand opening.

But first, let us know what you think!


If you’d love to have Just Flow Fun Flow Arts Studio downtown in a permanent location please click the headline link above or click for the idea page here.

You have to be a registered member of to ‘like’ the idea. Registry is free and easy. Once registered, head to the idea page and like away! You’ll know you liked it when the thumb turns green under the idea headline.”

Stephanie Walsh is a 16 year resident of Bristol, a mother of a teen and a toddler, a 16 year employee of ESPN and a Certified Hoopnotica Instructor with a mission to bring fitness, fun and flow to Bristol with an adult sized child’s toy.
A hula hoop.

Stephanie has been hula hooping for fitness for nearly 10 years and after being certified to teach Hoopdance in July of 2013 through Hoopnotica, the world’s leading hoop fitness company began offering classes immediately to CT residents and spreading the word through her “Live Love Hula Hoop” Facebook & Meetup pages.

“I knew I had to share the joy and release it had given me with others the moment I was certified. So many of us spend our days stressing our bodies out with worry and our never ending To-Do lists without nearly enough healthy alternatives to release all of that stress. When someone steps inside of one of my hoops, all of that melts away. They check their worries at the door and grab a big smile on the way in to class. It’s a time that they can be completely in the moment, have fun and be present in their mind and body.”

Each week Stephanie teaches, her class grows and word is now spreading faster than she can keep up with. In February, she decided to begin teaching at the Beal’s Community Center on Stafford Avenue.  She holds her class in half of the gym from 7-8pm and is quickly outgrowing the space and having to wait list students each week.

Stephanie isn’t just sharing fitness and a way to melt away stress inside of a hula hoop, she is also building an embracing and caring community and spreading joy with each class she teaches and person she shares the hula hoop with.

“Just as a circle has no end, the possibilities of what you can find inside of a hoop and a hoop class is endless. It isn’t JUST fitness and fun.  I encourage anyone open to adding something a little different to their lives to embrace their inner child for a moment and jump inside a hoop with me. I think they’ll find a whole lot more than a way to burn calories.”

Stephanie is on a mission to continue spreading her love of the hula hoop in CT and wants Bristol to be the home of her unique and fun business that she has named, Just Flow Fun.
Her goal is to open a hoop-centric movement arts studio and to invite other flow art and dance instructors to teach classes there as well.
The hula hoop classes Stephanie is planning to offer will include Multi-level Hoop Classes, Hoop Fitness, Kids Hoop, Mommy & Me hooping and more, but she wants your input and needs your help!

First like her idea on the Bristol Rising website (we need 100 likes by May 5), and her business page on Facebook 

Comment under her idea with support and suggestions on other movement classes or offerings that YOU might like to see in her space.

Is it belly dance, line dancing, ballroom dance or hip-hop that you’re craving? Maybe it’s poi, juggling or staff classes? Or is there something else?

The sky is the limit and she wants your opinion on how to create something that everyone can enjoy in town

For more information on Stephanie and her hoop classes, head to


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