Do You Live In Bristol Or East Bristol?

BRISTOL – Do you live in Bristol or East Bristol? Online East Bristol even has a location option on Facebook. It’s also listed on FedEx as a location.

Zillow also acknowledges East Bristol as a location. Neighborhood Scout describes East Bristol as the South East section of Bristol.

The Central Connecticut Post recently polled 50 people at Stop & Shop in Bristol Plaza and Shop Rite Plaza both on Rt. 6. Participates were asked where they lived and do they travel to Bristol’s downtown area.

Out of the 50 residents polled, 42 said they lived in the north east and Forestville section of Bristol. 38 of them said they have no need to travel to downtown. The remaining group were downtown residents going to Rt 6 to shop.

Participating residents were also asked to add their own comments and opinions on Bristol’s cultural and geographic divide.

“Bristol is definitely two towns, I live off Steven St. and have no need to go downtown.”

“That part of town reminds me of New Britain or Waterbury, I’m afraid to hit someone on the street because everyone just walks across the street as they please.”

“It’s embarrassing to have a thriving Rt 6 but have a downtown that is in limbo.

“I live on Stafford Ave, you do the math.”

In real estate its all about location. Bristol is a city of over 60 thousand people with many different issues and concerns. When you want to engage the public you need to offer a reason why they should get active.



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