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Do You Remember Wasley Buick?

Do you remember Wasleys Buick and Oldsmobile on Rt 6? Wasley took a gamble on Rt. 6 unlike many others at the time. Wasley moved the dealership from its original location on Church Street.

Do you know when this photo was taken?

Bought a car there?

Photo: Stephen Wasley
Photo: Stephen Wasley

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3 comments on “Do You Remember Wasley Buick?

  1. The photo looks like it was taken around 1982. It is about
    a 2 minute drive from my house.

  2. My Mom, Bev Brezina, was best friends with Madelyn Wasley, and my Dad, Dr. Phil Brezina, always bought his cars from Wasley’s … a baby blue car about every year. Always a baby blue car. He would get a bee in his bonnet, then drive down to buy a car on the spot, and return home for dinner sporting a huge smile. My very first car was bought by my Dad, used. It was Madelyn’s car, and had the dog hair to prove it… and baby blue. :-)

  3. looks like mid 80’s 84-86