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Stortz: Orphaned Poles, Damaged Poles & Duplicate Poles

Another Blight issue is an ongoing one. Orphaned poles, damaged poles, duplicate poles, leftover equipment hanging from poles and wires all are unattractive.

Maybe the Mayor can get our legislators and the Blight committee to get the utilities to address this issue in Bristol. With a little effort, we could produce a list of these locations for the utilities, so that when the weather clears, the utilities can then address the issue in an organized and efficient manner.

Poles that have been taken down and left along the roadway to decay and rot are unsightly. It is a practice that should not be condoned.

Some RR properties are “Blighted” and unsightly. One that is very visible to many is at the intersection of Route 6, Maple St., and Burlington Ave. Broken and damaged signs, deteriorating paving and weeds and other growth at this busy intersection should be unacceptable.

Maybe this effort needs our legislators support, but now is the time to get those responsible to start taking action.

All “Blight” is not caused by our citizens: their efforts to clean things up should be aided by the others that are also responsible.

Bill Stortz, Bristol

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2 comments on “Stortz: Orphaned Poles, Damaged Poles & Duplicate Poles

  1. Marc B

    There’s a damaged pole near the intersection of Church St and School Street. It was damaged several years ago and it still hasn’t been replaced,

  2. Raymond Cobb

    I could not agree more. I have one in front of my house, with several more orphans within a mile or so.
    I under stand that part of the problem is blamed on the fact that T V Cables, telephone wires and electricity all use the same poles. BUT why cannot the utility regulators take an active role in forcing coordination of “pole removal. At least to within a week or so instead of several years?