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Mystery Photo Sunday

We know the image is from  1980 but do you know where this photo in Bristol was taken and what was happening? Let us know and comment below or on I Remember Bristol. (Photo courtesy Mark Redman)


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4 comments on “Mystery Photo Sunday

  1. I suspect this home was at the intersection of rte. 6 & King. St. (Rte. 229) heading west on rte 6 opposite Motts.

  2. rt 6 citco next to superior elect moved to across rt6 an the field park next to aldis
    p.s. wish the gas was this price today

  3. Bill B_ _ _ _ had it moved between Farmington Avenue and Louisiana Avenue . Maybe John Ave or Missal Ave.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like they’re headed west on RT6, in front of what is Wallgreens. Used to be Motts?