Wah Lung Shut Down, Building Condemned

1901290_10201920659442563_1003350433_nBRISTOL – The city condemned 2 Divinity Street in Bristol on Monday. The building housed Wah Lung Restaurant and the former Paris Sports Bar.

The upper floor has three residential units as well. Building official Guy Morin said the building was unsafe and Wah Lung had unsanitary conditions. City records show the owner of the highly visible property on the corner of West street and Divinity is Xue Q. Chen.

Mayor Ken Cockayne and the city have been attacking blight at lightning speed. The city most recently leveled 86 Divinity Street, the Mayor said “The demolition of this house shows my administration continues to aggressively attack blight.  As was said many times blight is a priority and is working. “

On the same day the city also toured 255 Main St. Morin said the building has a lot of issues and is currently working on citations. The property was owned by the Leer Group and in 2010 was sold to Silver St. LLC. Back in 2009 Silver St. LLC sold the property to the Leer Group.

It is unclear at this point what the city or the owner will do in the coming weeks at 2 Divinity St. Calls and visits to Wah Lung went unanswered.

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17 thoughts on “Wah Lung Shut Down, Building Condemned

  1. Does anyone knew who called 2 Divinity Street home on February 12? I would like know what became off the residents.

  2. I used to eat at wah lung but stopped years ago due to the conditions inside the place. It was disgusting and I didnt want anything from them anymore. That entire complex needs serious work and has for some years now. Im not much for bristols govt but I am glad to hear they are working on these issues. As for the other comments on bristol property mngmt…I have known several people living in their residences and some are decent with good tenants, but for the most part they are poorly taken care of and rented to people who have no interest in taking care of them either. While I cant say if they are slumlords or not, bristol DOES have a big problem with slum lords that could care less about their properties. Divinity st and Summer st are some of the worst places in bristol for this. Crack, heroin and oxy addicts…tons of xanax and other illicit pills…trash and disgusting living conditions, but the rent is cheap….cheap enough for the addicts and hookers to rent. Keep up the good work Bristol…clean it up.

  3. I remember when those buildings had a zone/use change recorded in the public land records, prior to the public hearing, granting the zone/use change.

  4. Hey Mike, what are you going to do when one of your rotten properties lands you in jail? I doubt Aaron Cohen will bail you out.

  5. Everyone in the downtown area knows leer group and Bristol property management are partners and scam investors and rent to anyone with cash. They let properties fall into disrepair and they also know that ken Cockayne and Ellen Zoppo are going to kick their a$$. They’ve made fortunes leaving a trail of victims behind including everyone that lives next door to any of their properties.

    Add more leer/BPM properties to the list to knock down mr mayor! Help fix our neighborhoods! And to the owners of leer and BPM that posted above me, you guys are fools for posting and inviting more attention to yourselves.

    The new bank owner realtor took over in January and the property has gotten really bad? In less than 30 days……..lololololol sure it did, nothing to do with the prior owner……..

  6. Thr reports are incorrect mixing and trying to associate several llcs that are completely separate and have no association with each other. Look at land records and see who actually owns the properties before pointing fingers.

  7. Not right naming other landlords and blaming them for issues, there are good landlords downtown like Bristol Property Management,LLC. , Nothing but good experience with them

  8. Leer Group=Slum Lords aka bristol property management. They are useless when it comes to issues in their property. You can tell them that the door fell off the hinges and they will not come repair it. Once rented and went without hot water for over a month because they failed to pay the bill for the building. All of their buildings should be repossessed and given to people who are willing to fix them up or something. Hopefully the mayor attacks the slumlords next. Furthermore for Wah ung, having lived behind them I can say they were dumping cooking oil in the river, had a serious rat and roach infestation, and thawed their chicken on the dumpster out back.

  9. 255 main Street is no longer owned by the Leer Group please check the town records
    The management was taken over by an out of town realtor in January 2014 and the property has since gotten really bad.

  10. Keep on cleaning the west end it’s about time Bristol needs to shape up again back when I was growing up it was nice now for get it .it needs to get better to much valance and inacent people getting hurt or killed

  11. blight is only focused on the west end. what about the 2 boarded up for a long time buildings on prospect street?

  12. The Bristol Burlington Health department deemed them to be unclean, grease trap issues and hood issues. We are working on the full citation. Thanks for reaching out!

  13. I’ve eaten there plenty of times… I’d like some elaboration on the whole “unsanitary conditions” thing.. just for a piece of mind.

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